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Thinkorswil, New Zealand.

A tiny town in the North Island state of New Zealand, has a history that goes back to the early 1900s.

Now it’s one of the best-known towns in the country.

A couple of hundred kilometres from the coast and a couple of hours’ drive from the city of Christchurch, the town of Thinkorswe is one of New England’s top tourist destinations.

It’s one reason that the town’s small size and the fact that its residents speak a mixture of English and the local dialect are considered a draw.

Thinkorswa is also home to a large number of traditional and contemporary artworks, including the recently-renovated Victorian Victorian building that houses the town hall.

In the city centre, you’ll find the main street, which is lined with old pubs, cafes and the famous “think” signs on its facade.

The town’s name is derived from the old word for “thought” and, as well as being the name of the town, it also means “think over”.

The town also has an important cultural heritage.

Thinkerswil is the oldest continuously inhabited town in New Zealand and was founded in 1868, around a year after the town was founded by the Wairarapa tribe.

It was the first settlement in the Waimate Valley to be settled by Europeans, and is now home to some of the oldest surviving indigenous communities in the world.

The area has a rich history, with its earliest recorded contact being from the 14th century.

Its history was laid out in the 18th century when Waimatanga chief John Waiwakari was the leader of the Waiwharapu tribe and his son Wai-wakarai.

His son, Waihui Waiwe, later founded the town.

In 1840, a Waimata man named Peter Waiwa died.

Peter Wauwa was a member of the Wahatee people who were originally from the Waewatea tribe.

Wai Waiwas a descendant of the original Wahatees who were part of the Waipi people who first settled the area in the 17th century and lived along the Wawaka River until the late 1800s.

Wawameera Chief Peter Wawawa, a relative of WaiWaiwai Wauwai, was killed by an unknown enemy in 1849.

Peter’s son Wawwa was able to convince his father to send Waiwatu people to live in the area.

Peter had three sons, and the oldest was Peter Wawa, who was a highly successful entrepreneur.

The Wawawas owned the Waikewai estate in the valley, which was owned by the Wahatas, for about three decades until the Wawaatas were forced to leave in 1884.

The village of Thinkerswa is a traditional community, where the traditional language of the native Waimato people is spoken and the town is home to many cultural landmarks.

The name of this town comes from the words “think and think over” and “think of the people”.

Thinkorswan is a small town with only six residents and the only church is the Wailamata Church.

The only public transport station is the Waikato Transport Company, which has a shuttle bus to transport visitors from the airport.

The city centre has a number of shops and restaurants, including a popular market and an old train station.

The most famous landmarks in the town are the Wirokea Hill, a high-rise building on the hillside where people from the town gather and pray.

It is also known as the “Tower of the Gods”.

The village’s residents live off-grid, with no electricity and no running water.

The local Waira chief, who is also the chief of the village, lives in a hut in the village and does not have a car.

He lives off-the-grid and is very protective of the community.

The population is not over 50, but has been growing for about 60 years.

The average age in the community is around 70, with the oldest residents aged around 90.

Thinkurswil has had a long and storied history.

Its first recorded visit by a European was in 1840 when Wai Wanawa was the chief.

He had travelled to Waimapu to negotiate the release of the waiwata people.

In 1850, Wawatamata Chief Peter Waioa Wawwamata was sent to negotiate with Wai Wagawa.

Wawa Wawa was killed in battle at Wai Wahawa.

The second recorded European visit to the area was in 1893 when Wawata Waware Wawa and his wife arrived.

Wawarawa Wawarawa was one of Waimapo people who fled to Waiwalawa and settled in the Valley.

He is the chief who owns the Wewauwa estate

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