‘Black platform’ shoe is a black, sexist symbol

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The new “Black platform” shoe by Kanye West is a direct attack on the feminist movement, according to a recent article on the Black Feminist Collective website.

The shoe was created by a white female artist named Black Women who has also created other clothing items including a womens hoodie and pants that have been designed specifically for women.

The womens model in this shoe, Beyonce, wears a black platform dress and a black leather jacket over a red leather blazer and jeans. 

“Black women should be the primary creators and consumers of the fashion industry, but instead they are often relegated to second-class status,” said the author of the article.

“We have to be clear that the shoes we wear today are nothing but a symbolic nod to the white privilege that has made it so difficult for women to earn their way in the industry.”

The article, titled “Black Women and Black Women-branded Fashion,” was written by author Michelle Black who also contributed to a previous piece that detailed the history of the feminist community in the US and how it has historically been dominated by white, wealthy, middle-class women.

“The ‘Black women’s platform’ and its associated clothing line have been a platform for white women to reclaim their own bodies and social roles and make them more visible, even if they are wearing something that doesn’t reflect the color of their skin,” Black wrote.

The article also included a section on “Black feminism and the role of women of color in the women’s movement,” and a link to a petition asking West to take a stand against the “Black-as-a-sexual-weapon” ad campaign by Nike and Adidas. 

The petition has garnered more than 8,000 signatures so far. 

Black said she hopes the shoe will help to further “discover” what Black women are really about and what the Black feminist movement has meant to them, in order to “change the world for the better.”

The shoe is not the first time the “black platform” has appeared in the fashion world.

In August, the company unveiled the shoe in a series of photos and videos. 

West is expected to make an appearance at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to promote the footwear.

black platform shoes

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