The Latest on the Olympics in Sochi


A new video from the Russian team at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia has resurfaced, in which it’s shown posing with an Olympic torch, a giant hammer, and a giant turtle.

The video, titled “The Power of the Turtle” has been circulating on Russian social media and the Internet since Friday.

The caption reads, “I’m the captain of the team from Sochi, and we’re going to fight the Olympics.”

The video shows the Russian women’s team, which was ranked seventh in the world at the time of the Games, wearing white-and-gold costumes and holding Olympic flags in the snow.

It’s also accompanied by a picture of a turtle.

This isn’t the first time the Russian Team at the Sochi Games has posed with a giant torch, but it is the first one to feature a giant shark.

In 2015, Russia also posed with two giant sharks, a white shark and a black shark.

In the video, the women wear white helmets with gold-colored stripes on them.

The sharks have yellow eyes, a long, black tongue, and large fins that look like they’re made of ice.

The Russian men also wore white helmets and white shirts with gold stripes on the front.

They also wore yellow helmets with blue-and white stripes on their sleeves and black helmets with white stripes.

The women also wore blue-blue suits with gold and red-colored accents on the chest.

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