When Converse Launches ‘White Platform’ Sandals and ‘Converse’ Shoes: Here’s How They Work


The sneakers are available for pre-order through Converse’s online store, and are priced at $99.99.

The shoes are designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, and come in white and black.

The shoes are available exclusively through Concrete Shoes, a website that also offers Converse shoes.

The website also offers a number of Converse-branded shoes, including the Converse Ultra Boost and Converse Air Force.

The shoe is one of many collaborations between Converse and Nike, and is the latest installment in a long line of collaborations between the two companies.

In April, Converse announced it was partnering with Nike to produce its signature sneakers, the Air Max 1, in partnership with the company.

The Air Max series is available in several colorways and is manufactured by Nike.

The sneakers are also available through Conteys online store.

The website also sells Converse sneakers.

In June, Contees shoes and apparel company, Conter, announced it would be bringing Converse to the world of sports and fitness.

The partnership was announced through Conter’s social media accounts, and included Converse footwear and apparel, Conters shoes, and Conter apparel.

The company said the sneakers will debut at ConverseWorld in Orlando, Florida, on July 23, and will be available for purchase through July 25.

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