Apple launches streaming services in China and Vietnam with Apple TV app, Roku streaming platform


Apple has announced a new streaming platform called Apple TV for Chinese and Vietnamese users, bringing with it the ability to stream video to Apple TV from the Apple TV App Store, the company’s new app store for iOS and MacOS.

The new Apple TV platform will be available for China and South Korea beginning on Tuesday, according to a statement on the Apple website.

It will be released in Vietnam and China later in the month, the statement said.

The Apple TV is one of the few products in the world that allows users to stream to a variety of devices, including Apple TV, Apple TV Stick, Apple Watch and Macs, and it’s one of several streaming services Apple has introduced for its own apps for MacOS and iOS.

Apple TV is a service that allows owners of Apple TV to stream content from Apple TV apps to Apple TVs.

Apple TV’s apps can also be used to stream music to the TV, watch movies, and play games.

Apple has offered Apple TV streaming services for the past few years, but its launch has been delayed amid the ongoing legal battles between Apple and Netflix.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said in March that the Apple streaming platform is coming to China and India later this year, but he later backed away from those plans.

Apple also announced in January that it would launch a new, much smaller, Apple-branded streaming service for Vietnamese users in the country’s capital, Hue, starting on Tuesday.

That service will be called AppleTV for Vietnamese consumers, but no release date has been announced.

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