Crypto platform shoe company Crypto has raised $2.4m in Series B funding


Crypto platform shoes brand Rainbow Platform has raised a $2 million Series B round led by the firm’s venture capital arm.

The firm said in a statement that it is focused on developing the Rainbow Platform as a disruptive, scalable platform that enables blockchain technology to deliver a more secure, accessible, and personalised platform.

“We believe the Rainbow platform has the potential to disrupt the global payment market, which we believe will drive exponential growth and ultimately provide consumers with more choice and more security in their online spending experience,” Rainbow Platform founder and CEO Matthew Fudge said in the statement.

“In addition to being a disruptive technology for online payments, Rainbow Platform will enable a more personalised shopping experience by allowing consumers to purchase from an app or website that they have control over.”

The firm has been working with a number of banks, including the US government and the Federal Reserve, as well as retail partners, to roll out the platform, the company said.

Black platform shoes startup BlackCoin has raised more than $2m in funding.

BlackCoin is working with several large online retailers to launch its first crypto platform, which will allow consumers to buy online using a crypto wallet.

BlackCoin will also launch a cryptocurrency wallet service for retail customers in early 2019.

Blackcoin is also working on the introduction of its crypto-currency Ripple, which can be used to buy items on platforms like Amazon and eBay.

The company said in an earlier statement that its platform will be a “game changer” in the payments market.

“It will allow us to make payments in real time and securely, and provide consumers a more reliable and trustworthy way to purchase online,” BlackCoin CEO Jonathan Weis said in his statement. 

The firm will use its funds to further expand the platform.

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