Facebook: ‘Hiring is the next big thing’


In a world where the pace of innovation and disruption is constantly accelerating, the future of work for millions of workers depends on it.

That’s why Facebook is already testing new ways to make hiring easier and more effective, and is also experimenting with how it can offer a cheaper alternative to traditional recruitment agencies.

In an interview with The Next Web, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg shared some of the company’s latest plans for the future.

Here are five takeaways: Start hiring now.

If you’re a small business, hiring is not an option.

Sandberg said that, in the years to come, she wants to “make it easier to get the best talent out there and make it easier for employers to reach out to companies who are more likely to hire.”

That means that the social network’s platform will soon allow employees to “share your story” and “locate potential work” by sharing their profile, photos and other details on Facebook.

But it won’t do anything to stop employers from hiring you at any time, since it won, in fact, “never discriminate against you.”

If you do want to apply, Sandberg also wants to make it easy to do so, with the help of a new tool.

Facebook is testing a tool that lets employees who have already applied to be tagged as “interested” and asked to fill out a questionnaire that includes “an online survey about your qualifications and experience.”

This could allow companies to determine which candidates might be the best fit for their companies.

(That’s a bit like how some hiring agents will also use a “tiger test” to gauge candidates’ qualifications.)

Then, in a future update, Facebook will let you know if you have enough qualified candidates to fill all the positions you have applied for.

Sandburg said that in the future, the tool will be available to all employees, allowing them to “be proactive about finding the right candidates and the right jobs.”

Make hiring easier.

The next big step is making hiring easier for employees.

As Sandberg explained, Facebook’s goal is to be “the most efficient and cost-effective place to find talent.”

The new tool will let employees upload resumes and cover letters, and then they’ll be able to apply directly to companies.

Sandberry said that the tool could help companies find candidates who might be a good fit for an existing position.

And Facebook will also be offering an online job search that lets workers search for jobs from anywhere in the world, by email or phone.

Sandbrooks new plan isn’t perfect: She wants to enable more workers to “sign up and get paid” for jobs they’ve already applied for, but she also wants employers to be able “to quickly narrow the search” to the right workers.

That means the platform will offer a number of different ways to narrow the list of candidates to see which ones might be right for you, and it’ll let workers see how much money they’d be able get in the long run from hiring someone they know.

And while she said that Facebook will be “not a platform for hiring,” it will allow companies like hers to hire whoever they want.

“You will see more jobs in this space,” she said.

This is great news for workers across industries, and we’re thrilled to see how the platform can help make work a lot more affordable for the vast majority of us.

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