How the GOP’s fake news problem is costing conservatives their Senate seats

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The Senate GOP is in deep trouble.

The Senate is no longer a Republican stronghold.

The GOP lost a big, deep, conservative majority in the House of Representatives.

The House is now a Republican majority in a Democratic-controlled Senate.

And, of course, Republicans in both chambers are now in charge of the federal government.

The House and Senate are, for the first time in decades, in the hands of the same party in control of both houses of Congress.

There are now 435 Republicans in the Senate, and Democrats control a slim majority of the House.

That is, Republicans control just 37 seats in the entire Senate.

This is the first-ever time that the Senate has had a Republican-controlled chamber in history, and it is likely to get worse.

There are many reasons why Republicans in Congress are struggling to pass their agenda, and these are among the more obvious ones:The Senate is now controlled by a party that is more ideologically extreme than the House and, according to the Pew Research Center, is also more popular among younger voters.

This party is even more extreme than it was in 2016, when the GOP won control of the Senate by a record 13 points, but it’s far from perfect.

Republicans are now more likely to say they believe in evolution, for example, than they were a decade ago.

(Some conservatives may have been too distracted to notice this change, but the GOP is still in control.)

The House GOP has also been more ideologically rigid than the Senate.

The Republican leadership, including Speaker Paul Ryan, has insisted that there is no “one size fits all” answer for how to fix Obamacare.

But even that, as Jonathan Chait noted in the New Republic, is “a very hard-line view.”

The Senate Republicans have also failed to get anywhere close to the kind of bipartisan agreement that the House Republicans had in the first place.

In a Senate with 60 seats, there is only one Republican, Mitch McConnell, who is in charge.

But there are 51 Democrats, including all three in the Democratic majority in both the Senate and the House, plus a handful of independent senators.

McConnell has tried to block the Trump agenda by blocking Senate Democrats’ efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

(The House has passed a number of repeal-and-replace bills.)

And even though there is bipartisan agreement on most of the major issues on which Republicans are focused, some of the Republicans who were part of the GOP majorities in the past are now leaving.

There is now just one Republican leader in both houses.

This could prove problematic for the GOP in the 2018 midterms, when they have the Senate to lose.

In 2018, Republicans controlled both houses by a margin of over 30 points.

And since then, the House has become increasingly less Republican-friendly.

The 2016 election, when Donald Trump won a huge majority of Republicans, was largely a repudiation of his presidential campaign.

And the Republicans lost control of each house by a very wide margin in 2020.

This was partly due to the failure of their base to turn out in large numbers.

This year, however, Republicans have lost the House by a wider margin than they lost in 2016.

This explains why the Senate is in such trouble.

In addition, the Senate Republicans are in control because of a political phenomenon known as “fake news.”

The House GOP and the Democratic leadership are now using the Senate as a platform to attack the media.

The Trump White House and the media in general have a long history of using “fake” news to attack opponents.

(They also use “fake,” in this context, to refer to stories that they find objectionable.)

The Trump White, House and media campaign against the media is, in part, a result of the Republican party’s refusal to embrace the kind to which Trump and other Republican leaders have been known: a limited government, free market approach to government, the sanctity of the Constitution, and an emphasis on the rights of Americans to vote.

The conservative media has been a powerful tool in this strategy.

But it’s also a result, in large part, of a Republican Party that has grown increasingly disconnected from the American people.

The Republicans have become increasingly disconnected not just from the voters who elect them but also from their base.

They have become less interested in holding elected officials accountable, more interested in attacking the media and the opposition to the Trump administration, and more focused on defending their own power.

And their strategy of attacking the press has also become more brazen and extreme, since they are more willing to use the media to attack Trump’s political opponents than they have ever been.

The results are not good.

The Senate, the GOP leadership, and the Trump White have been trying to destroy each other for years, and now they have lost control and are facing a defeat that will have lasting effects on their ability to govern.

And that defeat will be hard to reverse, even with the help of a Senate majority that is not exactly in play in 2018.

The next presidential election

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