Nike’s $4,000 sneakers will cost $1,600 in 2018


When Nike launched the Nike+ platform last year, it made a bold bet that people who wear sneakers and other apparel for a living could have a positive impact on the environment.

For $4.99 per pair, Nike+ users would be able to buy two pairs of Nike sneakers for $1.50 each, the company said at the time.

The platform was aimed at helping consumers who wanted to take a step away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, but it didn’t make it easy for those who work in the fashion industry to get into the game.

That’s changed.

Nike+ is now available for free, and the company says the shoes are “now at the point where you can actually buy them for the price of a pair of sneakers.”

For the first time, you’ll be able buy two pair of Nike+ sneakers for the same price as one pair of other shoes.

The shoes are now available on the Nike Store for $2.99, and you can order two pairs for $3.99.

(The shoes can be preordered starting today at

The price will be discounted by 10 percent in the coming months.)

The shoes have a price tag of $1 a pair.

They also come in two different colors, black and brown.

They cost $9.99 each, and if you order two, you will receive the Nike Plus+ version.

The $1 price tag on the shoes has been reduced, too, to $2 each.

But the $3 price tag has been raised to $3, and it’s still going to be the same as the other shoe, the Nike Pro+ Plus.

The Nike+ program, which launched in March 2018, will now allow Nike+ to sell sneakers for a reduced price of $2, $3 and $5, according to Nike’s blog.

The program also lets you buy up to three pairs of shoes for the cost of a single pair of shoes, with the remaining pair available for $4 per pair if you purchase three pairs.

You can also get Nike+ shoes for free on the online marketplace, and they will be available on any Apple Watch app.

Nike is not the only retailer trying to make shoes affordable and accessible to a wider audience.

The company has also been selling $4 sneakers for less than $1 each, which is a big step forward from the $4 shoes it offered in 2018.

The new Nike+ app allows you to search for shoes, select your favorite model and then shop for shoes for $6.49 per pair.

The prices for the new shoes will be set at $4 and $7 per pair in the US and Canada, respectively.

The shoe price cut is only available to the US.

Nike’s shoes have been available for about a year now, and there are now nearly 5 million pairs of them on the platform.

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