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A major step towards a unified platform is underway as Facebook announced its latest version of its platform slides today.

The new version of the slides includes an updated platform for ad targeting and video ads.

The platform includes a new “targeting” feature which can be used to target the user based on specific demographics, as well as a “tag” feature, which allows the ad platform to create ad banners.

This new system is based on a new platform called “App Graph”, which allows ad targeting based on your app’s API.

It also lets you build new ad banners for existing ads on the platform.

Ads on Facebook are now being targeted using a set of APIs that have been built specifically for ad networks and publishers.

This means that you can target your ads to users who are in the “Ad Age” group, as opposed to the “Live Age” or “Web Age” groups.

Facebook’s latest version also adds a new tag to allow publishers to create new ad groups for their existing ads.

Facebook’s new ad targeting system is designed to be more intuitive and simpler than existing ad targeting systems.

In addition, it uses a “targeted ads” feature to help publishers target specific demographics based on how well they are doing in the market.

This makes it much easier for publishers to target users based on their demographic profiles.

The goal is to enable advertisers to target their ads in a way that works across all devices and devices platforms.

For instance, you could target your ad to people who are more likely to click on your ad than those who are less likely to, as long as the user is on the same device as you.

Facebook also says that it is making significant improvements to its ad targeting technology, with the new platform providing publishers with a way to target ads across the entire site.

The company is also making some changes to its mobile ad platform, including adding a “live ads” mode for mobile ad users.

These new features are part of a larger redesign of the platform, which is designed not only to increase ad visibility, but also to improve its ad platform usability.

The changes are expected to take effect on March 18, 2018, according to a blog post from Facebook’s chief marketing officer, Matt Wood.

Facebook is also taking steps to improve ad delivery, with a new feature that enables publishers to provide personalized ads to their users.

While Facebook’s platform slides are a bit vague on how it will implement the new ad platform features, we do know that advertisers can now use the new “tag system” to target ad placements.

Advertisers can then create their own banner to show up next to their ads, with specific demographics.

The company is taking this step to provide better ad targeting for publishers who want to build a more targeted audience.

The “tag ad” feature is a great way to get users to click your ad, but it also allows advertisers to show targeted ads next to your ads in order to reach their audience.

“In a world where people are using a wide variety of devices and ad formats, targeting an ad on one platform can be challenging,” said Wood in the blog post.

“In order to make it easier for ad audiences to target your content and ads, Facebook has created a new ad tagging system that can help publishers and advertisers deliver more targeted ads across all of their platforms.

It is part of the broader evolution of our ad platform.”

Facebook is also adding a new way to manage your ads on Facebook: Ads that have already been created.

This will allow you to create a new banner for your existing ads, and then update the platform to show the new banner next to the existing ad.

Advertisers will also be able to create more personalized ad placemaking for their content, including the ability to show ads next the users name, which will be a welcome feature for publishers that are looking to target specific audiences.

While the Facebook platform slides do not give any further details about how the new system will work for publishers, we know that publishers can now set the “Targeting” option to “Allow”.

This means you can set up specific ads that will be displayed next to ads for users who have not yet visited your site.

In addition, publishers will be able choose to show their ads to “Live Ads” users, which are the type of people who have never visited your website before.

These ads will also not be displayed on the current Facebook platform.

For advertisers, the new targeted ads feature will be available in the new app, and publishers will have the option to add new banners for their users to create and display on their platform.

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