Why it’s worth checking out converse shoes for £300


Converse is going into the new year with a bang, with a new sneaker offering from the brand.

Converse launched its ‘D-10’ series of footwear for £299 on Thursday, with the first pair arriving on December 12.

This year’s shoes are the latest to be made by Converse and feature a premium suede upper that features a premium rubber outsole.

The shoes feature a leather midsole, as well as Converse’s signature Converse logo, which can be seen at the bottom of the shoe, along with the word “Converse”.

They are made in a limited run of 10, and they are available to buy online from Converse online store.

Converse has also released the ‘D10 Elite’ series, which is also available to pre-order now from Converge.

This range is made up of the ‘Suede Elite’, ‘Lace Elite’, and ‘Elite Elite’, as well the ‘Laces Elite’ and ‘Lacing Elite’.

Each of these shoes is made in Japan, but the ‘Elites Elite’ is the only one with a leather upper, and it is priced at £299.99.

With a new shoe, Converse also released a new colourway of its signature sneaker, the ‘Tudor’.

The ‘TUDOR’ is a dark grey colourway that features leather on the inside of the toe box, with white stitching and a dark shade of white on the tongue and upper.

The colourway is available to purchase online at Converse stores in Japan from December 12, and the shoes will be available in stores in the UK in January.

Tudors are available in all of Converse footwear sizes, ranging from 6.5-7.5 inches, and are available for £80 to £115.

Converse has already released its first colourway in ‘T’ since it launched its sneakers in 2015, and with a lot of attention to detail in the new ‘D’ series it is the best looking colourway yet.

converse platform sneakers

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