How to define a white platform

A white platform refers to an individual or group that has been in power for decades or centuries.It refers to a dominant group that is defined by its position in society.It is the only category that doesn’t require a specific name or image to describe it.The term is also used by political activists to describe


The Latest on the Olympics in Sochi

A new video from the Russian team at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia has resurfaced, in which it’s shown posing with an Olympic torch, a giant hammer, and a giant turtle.The video, titled “The Power of the Turtle” has been circulating on Russian social media and the Internet since Friday.The caption reads, “I’m the


When Converse Launches ‘White Platform’ Sandals and ‘Converse’ Shoes: Here’s How They Work

The sneakers are available for pre-order through Converse’s online store, and are priced at $99.99.The shoes are designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, and come in white and black.The shoes are available exclusively through Concrete Shoes, a website that also offers Converse shoes.The website also offers a number of Converse-branded shoes, including the Converse Ultra


What to know about cryptocurrency trading platforms

The crypto trading platform platform Silver Platform has announced a new partnership with the Republican Party platform to offer crypto trading solutions.The platform, which was founded by Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson in 2013, is the official platform of the Republican National Committee, which also operates the official Republican Party website.Silver Platform will also provide


Why Crypto is the Next Big Thing

Crypto trading platform Cryptopia is launching a crypto-currency trading platform, the company announced Tuesday.The platform is launching its first currency, the crypto-cred currency, on Thursday.“Crypto trading is about to get even more interesting,” the company said in a statement.“We are bringing together the smartest minds from across the crypto ecosystem, and we want to build


‘How to Become a Millionaire’ in 5 Years

By now, the buzz around the first year of the internet is almost all about its potential for a whole host of wealth-creating opportunities.But that’s not to say that there isn’t a huge amount of hype around the other side of the coin, too.We’ve all heard the tales of the millionaire who was able to

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